Covered Wagon

Name and Place

James Biggs Moore moved to the Illinois territory in 1780 with his father, James Moore. James embarked on various business enterprises, and for some years traded on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers between New Orleans and Pittsburgh, making his voyages in a keel boat. He abandoned the boat business to settle three miles northeast of the present town of Waterloo, on what was known as the "tan yard farm." He here invested in a large tanning enterprise, at that time, perhaps the largest west of the Alleghanies. He died on the tan yard farm in 1840.


 James was born 1780 at Virginia.


James married Sarah Shook 20 Oct 1810 at St. Clair County, Illinois. 


James and Sarah's children are:

  1. Nicy Moore (1815-1895) 

Offices Held

James was appointed Sheriff of Monroe County by Governor Ninian Edwards, and was the first to fill that office after the organization of th ecounty. He was sheriff several years, and afterward for two terms represented the county in the State Legislature. He was a man of active business enterprise, and establish a mill on Prairie du Long crek, and a carding factory near his own homestead. 


James B. Moore organized a company of rangers in the war of 1812-1814, and was commissioned its Captain.