Covered Wagon

Name and Place

Alexander Barber moved to the Illinois territory in 1805 and settled at the Irish Settlement east of the Kaskaskia river and west of Ellis Grove, where he lived twenty years, and then moved to a farm two miles north of Rockwood. 


Alexander was from Ohio.




Offices Held

He filled the office of justice of the peace without interruption for more than forty years, and his official acts in this position are unusually equitable and satisfactory.  




He was a man of strong natural mental abilities, clear judgement, and robust constitution. These qualifications gave him a leading place among the pioneers, and his opinion and judgment were much relied on. He had mechanical genius, and as the settlement increased, engaged in building mills, and thus was of much use to the people of the county. The name of Barber, to the early residents of the county, always suggested a mill.


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