Covered Wagon

Name and Place

Samuel moved to the Illinois territory in 1807 and settled first with his father, John Mansker, on an island just off Mary's river, and at the Irish Settlement. The island was first called Mansker island, and later it was renamed Liberty island, before the island eventually was washed away completely by the floods. Samuel's family left Mansker island in 1812, just after the 18 months of New Madrid earthquakes, and took residence near Mary's river. For over seventy years he resided here while successfully farming, flat boating, and trading along the Mississippi river in grains, vegetables, and lumber which the family raised and harvested on their farm. 


Samuel was born 16 Dec 1795 at Bear Grass Creek, Jefferson, Kentucky. His father and grandfather were also pioneers in Kentucky, Tennessee, and his father was also a pioneer in Missouri.


Samuel married:

  1. Nancy Crawford (m. 2 Apr 1816 at Randolph County, Illinois)
  2. Elizabeth Bartley (m. 11 Jun 1846 at Randolph County, Illinois)
  3. Elizabeth Mason (m. 26 Feb 1854 at Randolph County, Illinois)
  4. Nancy Nelson (m. 6 Nov 1856 at Randolph County, Illinois)


Samuel had twenty four children from his four marriages:

  1. Uri
  2. Wilson
  3. Alton
  4. Matilda
  5. Larancy m. Moore
  6. Bruce
  7. Amanda
  8. Ellen Douglas
  9. Wilson
  10. Elvira m. Pearson
  11. James
  12. William Wallace
  13. Robert Bruce
  14. William Rodney
  15. Thaddeus Consteintine Suliska
  16. Henry Clay
  17. Mahala m. Bruner
  18. Margaret Catherine m. Johnson
  19. Theresa m. Rushing
  20. Addaliza m. Kirk
  21. Nelson Crain
  22. Elveretta
  23. Herman Cole
  24. Alton

Offices Held

The leading educational men in early times were Samuel Mansker, Alexander Hindman, Robert Grissom, Joab Parks, and Robert Moore, who were elected school trustees in 1835. One of the school houses was at Samuel Mansker's property in 1836, and was taught by Mr. Garrett. A second school house was also on Samule Mansker's property, and in 1844 was taught by Truman Strate. 



Samuel was a Drummer Boy in the 1st Regiment of the Illinois militia under the command of Capt. Absalom Cox, at Kaskaskia as of 3 Sep 1812.


Samuel was a man of great energy, perseverance, and courage, and was one of the largest land owners in the County at that time.


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