Benjamin Crane, with seven sons, Benjamin, Squire, William, James, Joel, Lewis, and John, came to Illinois about 1802, or probably two years earlier, and settled on Mary's river. Their traits of character were well adapted to a pioneer country, and their influence in advancing the new region in which they had decided to live, was successfully exerted. They were the leading men in settling the country around the mouth of Mary's river, and the Island opposite, which bears the name of Crane's island. John lived upon this island for many years, and died there in 1850. 

John Benjamin Crain was born about 1743 at Amelia County, Virginia. In earlier years he went by John.

John married Susannah Scott 16 Mar 1767 at Rowan County, North Carolina. John was on the Early Tax List of Rowan County, North Carolina in 1768.

It is unclear where James, Benjamin, and Joel were born, but 1 Aug 1785, Squire Crain was born at Knoxville, Tennessee.





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