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Name and Place

Archibald Thompson moved to the Illinois territory in 1804 and settled at the Irish Settlement. He lived some years in the settlement where he first located, and them moved, in the year 1812, to a place two miles south of the present town of Evansville. Reaching an advanced age, he died in 1833. He moved to the area with his brother, James Thompson.


Archibald was born 8 Aug 1795 at Abbeville, South Carolina.



Archibald's sons were:

  1. Robert
  2. William
  3. Moses
  4. Archibald
  5. John
  6. James

Robert lived upon the farm, made by his father until he grew to be an old man, and died only a few weeks since. William settled two and a half miles south of Preston, where he still resides. Moses settled about 1816 on the farm now occupied by John M. Thompson.

He afterwards moved to St. Clair County, and died there in 1846. Archibald went to Hitchcock priairie in 1822, and lived there until his death in 1856. His descendants are living in the same neighborhood. John Thompson became a very prominent man in the county. He was once County Commissioner. In 1836 he was elected a member of the Legislature, and died during the session of that body. James Thompson, the youngest of the brothers, lived upon his father's farm until he died in 1835.

Offices Held

He was one of the judges of the common pleas court which existed in territorial days.




Archibald Thompson was a man of excellent character, and a very efficient member of the community.


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