Covered Wagon

Name and Place

John Clendinen moved to the Illinois territory in 1808 and settled at the Irish Settlement. The immediate neighborhood of the present city of Chester received its first settler this year in the person of John Clendinen. He improved the farm, afterward known as the Porter place.


John came from Green County, Kentucky.



John had four sons:

  1. James
  2. Henry
  3. John
  4. Harvey

James Clendinen settled about half a mile west of Diamond Cross in 1808, from which place in 1837 he removed to the neighborhood of Rockwood. Harvey Clendinen was county commisioner from 1838 to 1844.

Offices Held




John was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. The story is told that once, while guarding some prisoners, a lady came and besought permission to see her brother, one of the captured men. His gallantry did not permit him to refuse, and confiding in her integrity, he loaned her his uniform in order that she might effect her object. The lady made the visit in safety, and was grateful for his kindness.


He was an honorable, industrious citizen. 


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