Covered Wagon

Name and Place

William moved to the Illinois territory in 1804 and settled at the Irish Settlement. He was somewhat advanced in age when he came, but he endured the privations of pioneer life very well. He died in 1818.


William was born in Abbeville, South Carolina.


William's widow, Jane Law, lived in Chester, Illinois.


William had seven children:

  1. Thomas
  2. John m. Sarah Little at Kentucky
  3. William m. at Kentucky
  4. Nancy
  5. Margaret
  6. Jane
  7. Elizabeth

His sons, Thomas, who had a family when they came, John and William, settled around their father, and were industrious, highly esteemed citizens. 

Thomas left two sons, William and John. The former lives in Washington County; the latter on the old place.

Offices Held

William held the office of County Commissioner.  



William McBride was Captain of the militia company in 1813.  


William McBride was a valuable constituent of the Irish Settlement. He labored much, and lived in a manner which rendered him a favorite in the community.


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